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What is GDPR?


The EU General Data Protection Regulation course helps people understand the requirements of GPDR. This includes the roles and responsibilities of data protection officers.

This course will teach you how to set up, plan and implement programmes that comply with the GDPR.

The EU GDPR is a new legislation that provides a data privacy law for the European Union. Through this legislation, data security will be improved reducing the loss of data.

Roles of a Data Protection Officer

This course will inform people about what the responsibilites and requirements of being a Data Protection Officer are and that all companies are required to have one either as a staff member or contractor.

The person to fulfil this role should have and contain a high level of knowledge of data protection and be able to keep to the tasks set out in article 39.

This tasks include to inform and guide those who have to process data. Ensuring everyone is complying with data protection. Work alongside the supervisory authority and act as their contact point as well.

Course Details

The GDPR Certification training course lasts for 4 days, the first day will be made up of the GDPR Foundation side of the course, the last 3 days consist of the GDPR practitioner side.

This course is essential for every company as all companies have to comply with this new legislation by the 26th May 2018 or face potential fines.

We recommend this training course for any Information Security Professionals. Also anyone looking for a professional qualification within data protection. Other roles we recommend this to include Privacy Managers and Compliance Officers.

Training Options

Classroom Training

Our recommended training option

We have training centres available all across the UK to provide a nationwide training service.

We provide skilled trainers who have over a decade of relevant experience in the project management field, to provide you with top training service.

Online Training

Learn anywhere, anytime

Our online training provides you with the option to learn GDPR courses anywhere and anytime.

You will be given 90 days access to our incredible e-Learning platform which you can access on your mobile or tablet.

Onsite Training

For companies in-house training needs

Our onsite training provides businesses with their training requirements at their own chosen premises while we supply the expert trainer and courseware.

This method of training allows companies to reduce the cost by training their employees in larger numbers.

GDPR Foundation/GDPR Awareness

This section provides an overview to the GDPR and its fundamentals. If you choose the Foundation version, that comes with an exam, the awareness course is for those who wish to just attend for the training.

  • Essential EU GDPR background and terminology.
  • Key differences between the Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.
  • Data subjects and their rights.
  • Dealing with subject access requests.
  • Marketing requirements.
  • The implementation path to EU GDPR compliance:
  • Privacy by design.
  • Data privacy impact assessments (DPIA).
  • Data audits.
  • Training and competence requirements.
  • Incident response and breach reporting.
  • Updating policies and procedures.
  • International data transfers.
  • Replacing Safe Harbour – the new requirements.

GDPR Practitioner

The GDPR Practitioner side covers the GDPR in detail and how to apply your knowledge of the GDPR to your organisation and business and fulfil the role of a data protection officer. This also includes the related exam for the GDPR Practitioner side.

  • Setting up a privacy compliance framework.
  • The role of the DPO.
  • Common data security failures, consequences and lessons to be learnt.
  • GDPR privacy principles.
  • Data privacy impact assessments.
  • Developing a risk management framework.
  • Data mapping and consent rules.
  • The rights of data subjects.
  • Subject access requests.
  • The roles of and relationships between controllers and processors.
  • Dealing with third parties and data in the Cloud.
  • Demonstrating compliance with the GDPR.
  • Data breach reporting requirements.
  • Range of enforcement, regulatory and compensatory aspects of the GDPR.


Why choose us?

We have training centres all across the UK and we supply expert trainers for all our courses. We also offer competitive prices with 24/7 support for our clients.

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What is included?

On the course we will provide you with all the exercises and course notes that are required during the sessions. You will also receive a manual and have a choice of refreshments during the sessions.

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Although the course has no requirements, we do advise people to have some experience or knowledge of data protection or to be in a role that will be dealing with the company's data protection.

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GDPR Offer

GDPR Courses
Enquire Now!